What are The Chakras?

What are the Chakras? And what do they have to do with crystals?

“Chakra” is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning wheel or cycle. In Eastern spirituality a well as in other shamanic traditions, there Is said to be 7 main chakras situated along the spine from base to top of your head. These chakras are energy centres in our auric field that hold the energy of different aspect of life.

When it comes to crystal healing, there are thousands of different crystal types. There are also thousands of healing properties. Every crystal or mineral specimen has multiple healing properties. One way to start to get a grasp of crystal healing properties is to understand our own chakra system in our body.

Each of the 7 main chakras is a different colour and on a different part of our body. Most of the time a crystal’s colour that is the same as a chakra colour implies it has similar properties.

For example, the root chakra is at the base of each of our spines. It is a red energy centre. This energetic area of ours rules our connection to the earth, feeling safe, primal energy, grounding, etc. A crystal like red jasper has all those healing properties that the root chakra governs. Looking at crystal healing this way can really start to help if we are new to crystals what each crystal is all about. That being said, each crystal has unique healing properties that are not just those of the chakra it is associated with, but it can really help us to look at it this way.