Sodalite UK


Sodalite was discovered in the Ilimaussaq complex in Greenland in 1811. Vast deposits of this crystal were found in 1891 in Ontario, Canada. Sodalite is also a member of the Feldspathoid group of minerals, which are formed in rich alkali, but poor in silica environments. These are rare minerals that contain more calcium, potassium, or sodium. It has been traced back to the Caral People (2600-2000 B.C.) near Lima for trading purposes. It is rarely seen in crystal form and can sometimes be found intertwined with White Calcite. Sodalite is primarily blue but can be found as white, yellow, red, and green. Sodalite can be found worldwide.

Sodalite Properties:

  • Sodalite is a stone of insight and mental enhancement. These vibrations are the key to unlocking deepened intuition.
  • Sodalite also assists in the development of one’s intuition. The stone’s high vibrations aid truth
  • Opens the throat and third eye chakras
  • Helps communication issues and speaking one’s truth

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