Top 5 Crystals for Happiness and How to Use Them

What are the best crystals for happiness? This is one of the most common questions that crystal lovers and collectors have! The truth is there are hundreds and hundreds of crystal types that can help with feeling more happy! Happiness is our natural state of being when we are in the present moment and aware that we are safe, love & one with all things. Check out our information below on of our Top 5 Crystals for Happiness and How to Use Them and see which ones resonate with you the most to use and how.

1. Citrine

This popular crystal is known to assist with happiness, abundance & overall positive energy. It is attuned to the solar plexus chakra. It boosts confidence and strength of being. Positive self esteem & a healthy confidence level are vital for feeling happy. Citrine not only helps with happiness but confidence as well, making it a powerful ally. Citrine is also good for business & professional work success.

2. Pyrite

This crystal is also known as “Fool’s Gold”. This is because it has often been mistaken as gold, but it is not a type of gold at all. It is a beautiful shiny crystal though that has many nice properties. Pyrite is one of the best stones for happiness, abundance, confidence & also protection. Pyrite is also a stone of action & manifestation. It helps to connect us to or our true passions. Pyrite is connected to our solar plexus chakra.

3. Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is beautiful sparkly green crystal. It is popularly know as a stone of good luck, prosperity, positivity & happiness. It has a cool and calming energy to it. It promotes positive well being and outcomes. This crystal is attuned to our heart chakra, therefore it also attracts romantic love and self love to one’s self.

4. Sunstone

Sunstone is a very joyful stone. As it’s name suggests, it carries the energy of the sun. The sun is our life giver and we naturally feel happier when it is out. Having sunstone around is like having a little sunlight on near us. Sunstone also alleviates self doubt and low confidence. It is known to assist with seasonal depressive disorder for those in the winter that get emotional unbalance from lack of sunlight.

5. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye has been used since Ancient times as a healing crystal. It has gorgeous coloration of brown stripes with golden shiny bands. It has several healing properties including promoting happiness & joy. Tiger’s eye helps us to reach our full potential, boost confidence/ inner strength, achieve goals & has been a protective talisman for thousands of years.

How to work with Crystals for Happiness:

There is no wrong way of working with crystals for happiness. It is important with any time of spiritual work, including working with crystals, to most importantly do what you feel to do.

  • Wear crystals in jewellery such as pendants, bracelets or rings to assist with happiness. If you are in real need of boosting your joy levels, wearing a beneficial crystal would be a great idea. It will work on a consistent basis to help.
  • Placing crystals in the palms of our hands: You may want to do 1 crystal in 1 hand or 1 crystal in each hand. You can do 2 different crystals in each hand or the same type of crystal. Our palms are energy centres in our bodies that can give out energy and receive energy into them. You can set the intention of the crystal you are holding to help with your happiness levels and they will do so. Crystals love to help us humans out!
  • Placing crystals on your chakras: You can place crystals on your specific chakras if there is a particular chakra you would like to open or do healing work on. For happiness, chakras would be best placed on root, sacral, solar or heart chakras. See our blog on how to work with the chakras here
  • Have crystals placed in the areas where you will be. You don’t necessarily have to have a crystal on you or be holding one physically to receive the healing properties. Crystals are very powerful allies to us. They even work when In the same room as us. If you are in a room in your home or work space, you can have a crystal placed in front of you or behind you. If you are meditating or sleeping lying down, you can have crystals placed next to you or wherever in the room you would like to have them.

Sending love & light your way!

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