Top 5 Crystals for Love

Top 5 Crystals for Love

What are the best crystals for love? This is one of the most common questions that new crystal lovers and collectors have! Many crystals can assist in attracting…

Crystals for Anxiety

“What are the best crystals for anxiety?” Good news! There is a wide variety of Crystals that assist in anxiety relief. Working with crystals for healing is a…

Crystals for Beginners

Crystals for Beginners

Crystals have become quite popular these days! The truth is they have been around for a very long time and have a special relationship with humans. Pretty much…

What are the Chakras? And what do they have to do with Crystals?

“Chakra” is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning wheel or cycle. In Eastern spirituality a well as in other shamanic traditions, there Is said to be 7 main chakras situated along the spine from base to top of your head. These chakras are energy centres in our auric field that hold the energy of different aspect of life.

How to Cleanse your Crystals

Just like how we cleanse ourselves in the shower or clean up our house, crystals also need to be cleansed. There are different ways to do crystal cleansing. Make sure if you are using water to cleanse your crystals that it is safe for that particular crystal.


How to Use Crystals

There are so many different ways to use crystals! Depending on why you are a crystal owner will determine what specifically you may want to do with them. Do you love crystals for their look? Do you notice they make you feel calm and uplifted? We at Crystal Love Vibrations, are promoters of spiritual/ intuitive development and we believe everyone is intuitive, our #1 tip is do what naturally feels good for you to do with the crystals! 

How to Choose Crystals

There are different methods on how to choose crystals for yourself or as a gift for someone else. We have 2 favourite methods we like to share.