RARE 6 Planets Currently Retrograde ?

BEEP BEEP, buckle up! We are now entering what I like to call RETROGRADE CITY… Follow the signs and watch out for brain fog, tiredness, decision making, funky-ness with electronics/ planning.. it is time during the next few weeks to go – with – the – flow. slllloooowwww… Like the waves in the ocean, not forcing anything, going with the natural tide of this current energy.

Starting on September 10, 2022 the notorious & fastest moving planet mercury, that rules our mind/ communication in astrology goes retrograde. This will make a grand total of 7 significant heavenly bodies in retrograde motion from September 10 – October 2 2022. This is quite a peculiar affair.

All of the outer planets are currently retrograde. Pluto – Neptune – Uranus – Jupiter – Saturn, as well as the important asteroid Chiron.
What is a retrograde? It is when a planet seems to be moving backwards from our perspective here on Earth. But What is actually happening is that the Planets don’t actually reverse their orbit , it looks that way because they’re slowing down in motion.

In astrology, planetary retrogrades signify a period of review & reimagining in the areas of life ruled by that planet. So what does it mean when multiple planets are in retrograde as we will be having this end of summer/ start of autumn season? It is a time of reflection and things not moving as fast as we may like them too.

The outer planets in astrology, which all 5 of them are retrograde deal a lot with collective world energies as they take a lot longer than the inner planets to move through each sign. We are going through a collective pause & review.

The energy will change significantly in October when Mercury & Pluto move direct. As well as a very intense eclipse season during Sun in Scorpio season…

So enjoy your trip to “Retrograde City”, the calm, pause that is available within it now. Use the time of review and reflection to your advantage. Take it easy ❤️✨

  • ~ Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn – April 29 to October 8 2022: Release, Change & Transformation in our world’s governments/ systems, power structures ~
  • ~ Neptune Retrograde in Pisces – June 28 to December 2 2022: Bringing what is unconscious forward to the conscious in the collective of the world. Increased psychic/ spiritual connection & activity. Vivid dreams. Heightened creativity. ~
  • ~ Jupiter Retrograde in Aries/ Pisces – July 28 to November 23 2022: Jupiter will be retrograde in aries until October 27 when it enters pisces… Jupiter in Aries will be very much about re-considering our beliefs & perceptions around our inner aries energy, our inner warrior. What do we stand for in life? What do we hold value in protecting?…. when Jupiter is retro in pisces it will assist us in re-connecting to our inner magical self, our beliefs around the magical realm, Trust in the divine. ~
  • ~ Uranus Retrograde in Taurus – August 24 2022 to January 18 2023: Our foundations are being shaken up on the world stage as the planet of surprises & unconventionality, Uranus, is in it’s fall sign Taurus. Taurus is stability, the earth, food, our comforts, what we value, money. Major shake ups and changes in these areas. It is a good time to be prepared for potential food shortages (which I don’t personally want to happen, it is just in the astrology 😛). ~

Below I have compiled key dates of other retrogrades for the rest of this year:

  • September 9 – Mercury goes retrograde in Libra
  • September 23 – Mercury retrograde enters Virgo
  • October 2 – Mercury goes direct in Virgo
  • October 8 – Pluto goes direct in Capricorn
  • October 22 – Saturn goes direct in Aquarius
  • October 27 – Jupiter retrograde enters Pisces
  • October 30 – Mars goes retrograde in Gemini
  • November 23 – Jupiter goes direct in Pisces
  • December 3 – Neptune goes direct in Pisces


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