High Quality Smokey Quartz Crystal Generator


9 x 7 cm

490 grams

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This piece is filled with rainbows! Nice and clear Smokey Quartz generator.

Smoky quartz meaning signifies stability and grounding, so much so that the crystal is called the “grounding stone.”

Smoky quartz is a variety from the quartz crystal family. Unlike clear quartz, which is entirely translucent, smoky quartz has a dark-black, smoky color ranging from translucent grey to brownish-grey, to black, to transparent. Mirroring its smoky hue is a smoky quartz spiritual meaning, which represents grounding, letting go, and surrendering old wounds.

Smoky quartz’s meaning and origins stem from many cultures. Did you know that smoky quartz is the national gem of Scotland? It’s no surprise, then, that this smoky crystal quartz is a prominent fixture of Celtic legend and lore. In fact, smoky quartz was sacred to the Druids, or “knowers of the oak tree,” wise priests, teachers, judges, and prophets in higher ranking class systems.

In Scottish lore, Druids forged connections to the higher powers of the natural and spiritual realm. But smoky quartz isn’t only sacred to Scottish folklore and legend. In mythology, the stone is associated with the ancient Greek goddess of magic, Hecate. It also represents the dark powers of Earth gods and goddesses.


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High Quality Smokey Quartz Crystal Generator

High Quality Smokey Quartz Crystal Generator