How to Choose Crystals

There are different methods on how to choose crystals for yourself or as a gift for someone else. We have 2 favourite methods we like to share.

Our favorite method is to simply notice and feel what crystals you are being drawn to. Is there a particular color you are being drawn to? Or maybe shape? This is actually you using your intuition to see what you are feeling called towards. Everyone is intuitive and this is actually a really great way to tap more into that part of yourself as well. After seeing what crystals your being drawn to, look at their meaning & healing properties and see if it resonates. If you have a hard time with this method then we suggest asking the universe/ spirit/ higher power to clearly show you what crystal(s) are best to work with right now for your highest good. Be open and just trust whatever your first feelings are when browsing through crystals. 

The second method we suggest is choosing a crystal based on a particular issue you may be dealing with whether that is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. It is very easy to look in a crystal book or go on the internet and type in “crystals for anxiety” for example. Then you can see exactly what are the specific and best crystals to go for. Or maybe you want to attract something into your life like love or money, then you can look up the crystals that are best for that.

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