Pyrite Germany


Pyrite, also known as Fool’s Gold, is an iron sulfide mineral that crystallizes in the form of masses, cubic, stalactites, and botryoidal. This stone was first recorded by Dioscorades in 50 A.D. and was named after the Greek word “pyro” meaning “fire”. Pyrite has had many uses in ancient civilizations and continues to be used heavily in the production of goods today. Pyrite is found worldwide.

Pyrite Properties:

  • Pyrite is a powerful protection stone which shields and protects against all forms of negative vibrations and/or energy, working on the physical, etheric, and emotional levels.
  • Pyrite shares positive and life force energies. It is energizing and joyful.
  • Helpful for anyone feeling down emotionally or low energy physically.
  • It stimulates the intellect and enhances memory
  • The ancient Incas used Pyrite for meditation and divination.

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