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Larimar, also known as Stefilia’s Stone, Atlantis Stone, and Dolphin Stone, is an extremely rare sodium calcium silicate and a member of the Pectolite family. This unique mineral only has one locality and can only be found within a half square mile in the Dominican Republic, more specifically, the mountains above Baoruco. It’s commonly referred to as the “Caribbean Stone” due to the heavy presence this stone holds on all surrounding islands as well. This stone is extremely rare. Also known as the ‘Atlantis Stone’, Larimar is strongly associated with this legendary civilisation. Some scholars believed that a blue crystal would be found near the location of Atlantis. This has led some to believe that the discovery of Larimar in the Caribbean indicates that Atlantis is located in the Caribbean Ocean.

Larimar Properties:

  • Larimar dissolves fear and promotes inner peace. It assists us in taking control of our lives, and helps to end ‘sacrificial behaviour’, so that we are no longer martyrs.
  • It also stimulates creativity and spontaneity, and helps to dissolve energy blocks, particularly in the upper body. Larimar is believed to heal and balance both the immune system and the thyroid gland, and also to alleviate pain throughout the body.
  • As a general healing stone, Larimar is calming and soothing, encourages inner stillness and inner peace, Larimar is truly a stone for our time, as its most pronounced characteristic is its ability to release anger and associated fear – especially old anger that has been held in the body for a long period, including anger from a past life. As we hold much of our stress, anger and fear in the Solar Plexus, Larimar can be placed directly on that Chakra during treatment.

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