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Crocoite, once known as Red Lead Ore, is a lead chromate mineral that crystallizes in the form of masses, prismatic, and long tubular crystals. This mineral was originally found in the Russian Ural Mountains back in 1766, but was first reported as Crocoite by F.S. Beaudant in 1832. He named it after the Greek word “Saffron”, due to its vibrant orange color. Only small amounts of very tiny prismatic crystals were found in Russia and throughout Europe until there was a major discovery at the Heazlewood lead-silver mine in Tasmania in 1895. The most famous mine in this region is the Adelaide mine, which is still in use today. Since Crocoite’s discovery in this region over 120 years ago, 90% of specimens and crystals on the market are traced to this location. Crocoite is a very valuable.

Crocoite Properties:

  • Crocoite has a strong vibration that energizes your whole system, stimulates creativity, and helps you to feel passionately about whatever has your attention.
  • Keep it in your bedroom to improve your relationship, as its loving vibration is marvelous to stimulate passionate lovemaking.
  • It has a strong grounding action, taking energy from the base chakra to the earth and back, which infuses vitality and zest into your life.
  • When it couples the base chakra with the loving energy of the heart, it creates a strongly spiritual and loving vibration in your life.

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