Crystals for Beginners

Crystals have become quite popular these days! The truth is they have been around for a very long time and have a special relationship with humans. Pretty much all of our Ancient ancestors and Ancient civilizations worked with crystals. The most popular uses for crystals are spiritual, healing & decorative uses. 

If you are a new crystal lover or crystal beginner, here are some tips we recommend to help you start your magical journey with the crystal kingdom:

“What crystals should I start with?”

Everyone has a different method of picking their crystals. You can find out what crystals can assist you with particular issues you may be having, or crystals that are colors you love. But our favorite thing to do is online crystal shopping, browse through pictures of crystals and see what you are being drawn to. Let go of the thoughts like “Well what does that one do?” And “I don’t know which ones to pick”. Follow your feelings about what you are the most drawn to. Then we recommend looking up that crystal’s properties and see if it resonates with you. More often than not, it does! 

“What are the most popular crystals/ specimens and their properties?”

Agate ~ Physical well-being, Joy, Soothing 

Amethyst ~ Calming, Protection, Opens intuitive abilities 

Black Tourmaline ~ Grounding, Protection, Purification  

Citrine ~ Joy, Abundance, Good Luck 

Clear Quartz ~ Intention Setting, Raises vibration of space, one’s body/ mind/ spirit 

Fluorite ~ Mental clarity, opens intuitive abilities, overall physical well-being 

Green Aventurine ~ Prosperity, Self-Love/ Romantic Love, Calming 

Red Jasper ~ Stability, Physical Strength & well-being, Kundalini energy             

Rose Quartz ~ Love, emotional healing, stress relief

Moldavite ~ Transformation, Spiritual Growth, Increased Synchronicities 

Selenite ~ Cleansing, Relaxing, EMF Protection 

Shungite ~ EMF Protection, Cleansing, Alignment 

Smokey Quartz ~ Grounding, Protection, Manifestation

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