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The shape of the pyramid is found over the course of history in several civilizations and holds many different spiritual meanings. The pyramid is called a Tetrahedron in Sacred Geometry, and its main function is assisting with manifestation. The cool thing about this shape is the contrasting yet harmonious output of energy that is at work within the shape. The solid structure base, much like a cube, has a very grounded and stabilized energy, while still allowing energy to directly flow out of the point. Pyramids connect energy from the crown chakra to the root chakra, allowing us to feel in tune with higher dimensional thinking/our higher selves while still staying grounded to Earth.

Crystal Pyramid uses:

  • Holding a pyramid allows life force energy to come into the tip of the pyramid and then ground within and stabilize you. You could also try to meditate while focusing on the tip of the pyramid to strengthen manifestations.
  • Pyramids are excellent to use in the center of a crystal grid, especially one where you want the energy to be grounded.
  • You can also use pyramids to Feng Sui your home. It’s useful to set a particular intention to correlate with the type of crystal or stone you have.
  • Pyramids can be used to cleanse and balance chakras, this can be done by placing them on each chakra point, or by meditating and visualizing each chakra while holding the pyramid in your hand.

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